Firstly we never “put down” any healthy cats/kittens. Our policy is simple: all cats are treated with kindness, be they feral or domestic.

You will be visited by one of our fully trained trapping teams, who will use only approved trap cages. We never leave cats/kittens in the traps for more than a few minutes after being trapped. They are transferred to small cages and covered with a blanket to keep them calm.

We never leave traps set and unattended, especially overnight.

Your cats will then be transported to the veterinary surgery and neutered, flea and worm treated.

Cats are returned the same day.

Kittens under 4 months can sometimes be taken and socialised by members of the group, space permitting.

There is always a need for good mousers on farms, and often we can move cats to other areas. If you would benefit from a good mouser or two then contact us for more details.

Please consider giving a donation, however small, when your colony is neutered and returned.