Facts and figures...


Orkney has a large feral cat population and if left un-checked the number of cats could increase dramatically in only a short space of time.

How you can help...


Want to support our work? Please consider making a donation. Alternatively, why not support us at our fundraising events?



You may wonder how, as you cannot handle you feral cat, do we catch them for neutering? Hopefully all your questions will be answered in this section.



Every year we get a number of tiny feral kittens that are handed in by the public. These kittens are hand reared and socialized and often make the most loyal and loving pets. Are you interested in adopting one of our kittens?

Our Partners

Burton building Maintenance – As a building company they have helped us with a range of services over the years but more importantly kept the costs down to help ensure we dont have to worry about overheads. We have no doubt they are a reputable company and would highly recommend their work. They provide builders and plumbers in Weston super mare and the UK.  You can visit there website here – Burton building maintenance

The RSPCA – They have been a a great help with injuries to cats and helping with re homing. Without there help non of this would be possible. If you would like to donate to a great charity who are always on hand to help cats in need please visit one of there local branches – RSPCA We cant express how much they help all animals big and small around the UK, thank you.

Friends of Orkney Ferals Patrons

A huge thank you to our patrons Desmond Carrington, actor and broadcaster, Tom Cox, journalist and author, and Rupert Fawcett, cartoonist best known for his Fred cartoon, for supporting our work!